Big Data & Information Management

Integrated Knowledge Management

We provide a range of connected tools and applications that enable knowledge to be captured, processed, classified and managed within a secure environment. Information is able to be integrated from multiple perspectives to provide the insights required to enable decision-making.


Our solutions support information management across multiple systems and provide an automated collection of digital information, removing the barriers to making data accessible.

Assured Identity Management

Citadel’s Assured Identity Management platform provides an overarching identity management service for ensuring agency compliance with the internal personnel security and privacy requirements of the Australian Government.

Integrated Network Environment

Our Arcadius solution is a unified platform that seamlessly fuses with other technologies and aligns into an interoperable, data-centric exploitation and analytical integrated network environment.

  • Search, discovery and retrieval of information from across organisations
  • Automatic geolocation and depiction of information in a user friendly format
  • Full motion video processing in real time
  • Automatic classification and metadata tagging
  • Centralised, cross-domain, data-agnostic search capabilities
  • Advanced sensor data integration
  • Intelligence reports, spatial and trend analysis


Secure integration of your enterprise information management solutions


A security surveillance solution that detects and acts on malicious activity to prevent cyber attacks

Case Study - Australia's largest ECM System

We designed, implemented Australia’s largest ECMS environment. The system supports over 37,000 users daily . We trained and migrated over 110,000 users as part of the implementation which involved 65 servers being replicated across different sites.

  • Single repository for easy capture, access and storage
  • Security controls and monitoring to mitigate risks
  • 24/7 support and change management training
  • Standard operating procedures and user manuals


After the implementation, over 350 million electronic documents are accessed by users on an ‘as required’ basis. The client has saved over $22 million since the implementation.